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WCCW & Hammer: Thank you for this Community

Honored to be a part of the Women's Center for Creative Work's dinner "Thank you for this community." 

More info from the Hammer's website: 

The Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) acts as a hub in Los Angeles for the local network of feminist groups, facilitating interaction between feminists of all genders and the larger public through events and social engagement. The WCCW invites Hammer visitors to break bread in communion and friendship to examine ideas of locality, place making, and friendship in a convivial setting. 

For the event WCCW Will invite 9 other community-driven projects and organizations to take part in creating and participating in the meal. Each of the entities will provide an aspect of the dinner and event, whether that is table coverings, music, centerpieces or the main course. We will spend two hours on the day of, setting up the meal together, and then sit down with each other at around 4 p.m., to discuss our individual communities and the layering of them to create a larger feminist and creative community in Los Angeles. RSVPs are now full. Please sign up for the waitlist.