Print Your Own Zine!

Our newest zine, Honey Power Vol IV, is now up online for your viewing pleasure! 

Not only can you see it there, but you can now print your own version! Below you'll find PDF's of each page for you to print, cut, and assemble your own Honey Power Vol IV!


  1. Open up Page 1 and Print. (These are in color, but your printer may have a black and white option if you prefer that!)
  2. You will need to print Page 2 on the back side of Page 1. Feed Page 1 back into your printer, facing up with the top of the page going into the printer first. Print page 2. Your paper should now be printed on both sides.
  3. Print Page 3.
  4. Repeat the process in Step 2 in order to Print Page 4 on the backside of Page 3.
  5. Once all your pages are printed, fold them in half horizontally (or "hamburger style") and cut along the folds.
  6. Now you're ready to assemble! To check out the order of the pages, view our online version. Fold each page and stack them accordingly (The cover should be on the bottom of the stack with the Nicole Snyder/Ali Koehler interview stacked on the very top)
  7. Stapling the zine along the fold requires a longer stapler, so if you have access to one we recommend one staple in the middle (you can usually find/use one of these long staplers at a print shop). If not, get creative! A paperclip, a needle & thread, or some washi tape should do the trick!
  8. Enjoy! Show us your DIY Honey Power zine on Instagram with the hashtag #honeypowerzine! And if you make extra copies, give them out to your friends! 


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4