La Luz Secret Show 1/23/14

Our favorite Seattle band, La Luz, is on tour right now and had free night in LA, so we set up a secret house show for them in Mukta's living room. What a magical night it was!

Our main goal of starting Honey Power was to celebrate the bands that we love. We were inspired by a collective in Japan called Twee Grrrls Club. When my band (Summer Twins) toured out there the Twee Grrrls set up some amazing shows for us with the cutest decorations, and banners/cupcakes with our name on them. They made us feel so appreciated and it made me realize that so many shows back home were lacking this spirit. 

There are bands out there that work so hard. I mean honestly, it's even a lot of work to play one show - long drives, loading tons of gear, and setting up just to play for 45 mins. Just to play for YOU. The effort that bands give to us is not reciprocated enough. Because there are so many shows going on in LA, I think we take live music for granted. And it's not just the audience that sometimes seems jaded; promoters and bookers often just throw together shows without much concern for the bands.

So we wanted to change this by throwing shows that would celebrate the band and the fans, and bring people together...(and have cute decorations!) This was our first real attempt and it was amazing to feel the spirit/excitement from everyone involved! We had so much support and help from our friends with this show. They helped us with decorations, cookies (Thanks Hannah!), photobooth props, equipment, photography, and more. All the guests that showed up were so excited and La Luz played a magical set. The whole night was magical.

After our success, we can't wait to throw another show! Thank you so much to everyone who was involved with this one. Stay tuned for more!


Here are some photos from the show taken by Angela Ratzlaff: