visit: Art Queen & The World Famous Crochet Museum

Last week I drove out to Joshua Tree with my friend Megan. While we were there, we stopped at Art Queen and The World Famous Crochet Museum (they're right next to each other), both run by artist Shari Elf. Art Queen features a few galleries, a stage, sculptures and the crochet museum. No one else was around when we arrived but a couple signs were posted saying it was all right to go in and to lock the door on the way out.

I loved Shari Elf's art the minute I stepped into her gallery! The entire vibe I got was: positivity! A common phrase in many of her pieces was, "I like myself," and she had a really cute mermaid painting that said, "Something good's gonna happen to me today." Shari even had an album of her own music called "I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You" - so sweet! There was lots of merchandise for sale including t-shirts, paintings, and dresses. Since no one was around, the store surprisingly operated on the honor system! There was a little mason jar with a sign next to it that said to leave money in the jar to make a purchase. I thought it was so cool that Shari trusts people that much!

Right next to Shari's gallery is The World Famous Crochet Museum. It's a tiny lime green museum housed in an old Photo-Mat booth packed with all kinds of crocheted items like poodles, corn on the cob, and pilgrims. Many of the pieces looked very old, and it was obvious that a lot of time went into making them.

I highly recommend checking these places out if you ever find yourself in Joshua Tree. Make it a day trip or a weekend trip. There's lots of cool stuff out in the desert and I am so excited to learn more about the art scene!

Art Queen is located at:

61855 Hwy 62
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

For more information, visit Shari Elf's really cute website:

- Mukta